Explainer Animation – Excellence Auditing Firm

As a part of their marketing efforts, Excellence needed someone to animate their explainer videos to increase engagement, build a community, and inform their audience. They showed me sample videos of their former animator, the videos were done by several individuals so there were no uniformity when it comes to the style.

While Excellence wanted the concept and narrative to come from them, they also gave me certain liberties when it comes to crafting the story. As an initiator, I led the project by asking for a simple story board from their media department then the rest are my creative verdicts.

While they offer to pay for easy subscription cloud based animation software, I did not want to settle for less. I wanted full customization so their explainer videos would look differently from what most companies use. My explainer videos are using a template from Pixity Land and the animation are done using Adobe After Effects.

Title: Business Venture

Excellence wanted to show in this video that even if your business seems to be profitable, there are expenses that you might not have accounted for. On this episode, I took the initiative to add titles that are not on the storyboard to better lead the audience into the narrative.

  • Dubai, UAE
  • Excellence Auditing Firm
  • Commissioned: 2020

Storyboard from Client

Title: Tax Deadline

To finish this video faster while maintaining the emotions that the storyboard wanted to portray, I stepped up and purchased additional After Effects templates. I made sure to stick with the imagery that Excellence wanted to show.

Storyboard from Client

Title: Business Crisis

This video was done at the height of the Covid-19 outbreak and Excellence Auditing Firm took the opportunity to create a story that demonstrates how their company can help in mitigating losses during such crisis such as the pandemic. To show a better depth to the animation, I added 3D objects – particularly the dominoes.

Storyboard from Client

Title: Trustworthy

On this video, Excellence wanted to create a metaphor of how not being careful and being too trusting can bring a business to downfall just like not following pandemic protocols.