Animated Facebook Cover Videos when they were still a thing

While Facebook Cover Videos are long gone after April of 2021 and Facebook never publicized the reason why they removed it, most marketers would agree that they were a good feature that increased engagement. Everyone just need to be creative on how we can use it to spark the interest of every page visitor.

All of the Facebook Cover Video that I produced below were carefully thought out such as variables that could affect audience attention. An example of this is the countdown that I always place in the first 3 seconds. I’ve observed that most visitors would scroll immediately or focus their gaze to the pinned post as they are used to thinking that the Facebook cover would be a photo. So to remedy this, I’ve always put a countdown to catch the attention of visitors.

  • New Jersey, USA
  • Mightywash Powerwashing
  • Comissioned: 2017

The main goal of this Facebook Cover Video is to show the company’s reliability and quality when it comes to its services through displaying before and after documentations of their projects.

While Mightywash also offer other cleaning and maintenance packages — we chose to focus only on two categories that are most sought by their usual customers. 

  • New Jersey, USA
  • MerchOx
  • Comissioned: 2018

MerchOx was a newly created dropshipping brand. We wanted to achieve the widest reach possible while selling numerous products that trend on the market.

In order to fit the whole objective of communicating the online store in a one minute cover video without taking too much time from every visitor, I’ve classified the products to as little as 5 categories.

  • Iloilo City, Philippines
  • 888 Royal Construction
  • Comissioned: 2018

888 Royal Construction wanted their Facebook cover video to exude credibility as they are a new player in the local construction industry.

I’ve shot video footage of their operations to feature in the video and wrap up the video by a long loop of their contact details.